Acts of Kindness

Through our Acts of Kindness page you can see past charities and organizations we have supported and the one we are currently supporting for the present period. Each ‘Act’ lasts 6 months before it is rotated to support a different cause.

July - December 2018:
Edgar's Mission


Edgar's Mission

Who they are:

Edgar's Mission is a not for profit sanctuary for rescued farm animals, located in Lancefield, Victoria. It is set on 153 acres and is home to over 450 animals, including cows, sheep, chickens, ducks, alpacas, horses, rabbits, pigs, goats, dogs and cats. 

What they do:

Edgar's Mission provide shelter and lifelong care for homeless, abused, injured or abandoned animals. 

Through education, outreach, advocacy, community enrichment and farm tours, Edgar's Mission encourage people to expand their circle of compassion to include all animals.

Why Edgar's Mission?

An estimated 500 million ‘food’ or ‘production’ animals in Australia are excluded from the protection of animal welfare legislation. They endure lives of abject misery in factory farms: barely able to move, they are subjected to acts of cruelty that would be illegal if done to a cat or dog. They live without sunshine, without freedom, without being able to socialise, without hope.

Edgar’s Mission provides a glimpse into a different world – a world of kindness.