Our Mission

Bee Kinder donates 10% of all sales to charitable organizations, which are rotated on a quarterly basis. We work hard to create fun products with a positive message and spread some kindness along the way. 

We believe we can achieve a kinder world, if we can:

Bee Kinder to Each Other

Some of us are born in good health, into a home with four walls and a roof over our heads. With a bed and clothes and shoes on our feet. Some of us are not as lucky. Homelessness. Natural Disasters. Poverty. Disease. Violence. There are many issues and many unavoidable tragedies affecting the human race. Isn't it our duty, as the lucky ones, to help those less fortunate? 

Bee Kinder to Animals

Animals are beautiful, amazing, sentient beings. They see, feel, love and experience just like we do. Sadly - they suffer, too. Animals are hurt and exploited in horrific, unimaginable ways every single day. Beauty, fashion, agriculture and entertainment industries are just a few examples that cause animals immense suffering. Hundreds of thousands of animals end up in shelters every year in Australia as a result of abandonment. Those that cannot be rehomed are euthanized. Millions of animals suffer in captivity, on the streets, in laboratories and in the hands of humans. 

We support organizations standing up for animal rights, protecting and caring for our furry (fur-less and scaly, too!) friends. We share our planet with animals. They are just as important as us and deserve our love, understanding and respect.

Bee Kinder to Our Planet

Let's face it - our planet is not what it once was. Not even close. Deforestation. Overfishing. Pollution. Ocean Acidification. Climate Change. Species Extinction. These are just a few of the environmental issues affecting our beautiful planet. We need to realize the damage we've caused over the centuries and heal our environment. We can never return it to what it once was, but we can stop it from deteriorating, or at least try to.