About Us

Bee Kinder has one simple message – to be kind. Kindness is magic, and our aim is to throw it around like confetti.  

My name is Victoria - I'm the owner and founder of Bee Kinder. For as long as I can remember, the most important and most beautiful quality for me has always been kindness. Kindness costs nothing, which means we can all afford to be kind. Kind to people, kind to animals, kind to our planet, and kind to ourselves. 

That's where the idea for Bee Kinder came from. I wanted to create lovingly handcrafted, fun products with a positive message and a positive impact. Products that might make you smile, laugh out loud (or even cringe at the lame puns), stop and ponder for a second, or share with your friends and family. Most of all, I wanted my products to contribute to something bigger. To not only create a positive message, but live it. 

Every six months we donate 10% of our sales for that period to a chosen charity, not-for-profit organization or cause in need of support. These are rotated every quarter. If you know of a small charity in need of support, please let us know!